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Pet Boarding in Edmonds, Washington

Find safe, cozy pet boarding at Paws In Paradise in Edmonds, Washington. We have boarding for both dogs and cats, at $25 a day for the first pet and $20 dollars for each additional pet. We pride ourselves in our affordable pet grooming and comfortable boarding services.

Dog Boarding
Our canine guests enjoy a clean, spacious 4-foot by 5-foot private room with clean bedding daily. Each room has an attached 4-foot by 10 to 18-foot covered run with raised footing to separate it from its neighbor. The raised footing protects cross contamination while cleaning. Kept secure by double 1" woven wire fencing, your pet will feel safe to use the run day or night. Your pets room and run will receive daily housekeeping as often as necessary. Each boarder receives a room with radiant heat in the floor to keep your dog warm and dry.

(We recommend Corona for dogs under one year. In order to provide better protection for your pet, all vaccinations should be given at least two weeks prior to boarding).


Cat Boarding
Our specially designed quarters give your cat a 4 x 4 x 8 room. Each room is individually ventilated and has a window with a shelf for outside viewing. Each room also includes a 72 inch climbing apparatus specifically designed for cats.


Boarding Policies
To keep your pet's stay as quiet and stress free as possible, only Adix's personnel are permitted in the boarding area. Hours for viewing the dog boarding area are 10:30a.m. - 12 p.m. and 2:30p.m. - 4:30p.m. Bedding is provided and washed daily.

As part of the boarding fee, we feed our guests once daily. Our food was selected for both its quality and for its popularity among our canine boarders. There is a $1.00 to $5.00 per day charge to feed your pet a special diet. Anything but our food is considered a special diet. We'll watch you pet closely so mealtime problems don't go unchecked.

Adventure Time

$6.00 a day for 15 minutes
Fetch • Tug • Just A Walk • or Extra Cuddle Time 

Room service (max twice daily)
Food and medication provided by owner.

• Extra feeding may be arranged for your pet.
• If your pet requires a special diet or food
   product, bring it along and we'll feed your pet
   according to your instructions.
• Prices vary according to menu instructions.
• If your pet needs medication, we'll administer it
   according to directions.
• Special medication - per day treatment $1.00 to
• Eye or ear medication - per day per treatment
Boarding Area, Pet Boarding in Edmonds, WA
Cat in House, Pet Boarding in Edmonds, WA
Cat in House, Pet Boarding in Edmonds, WA

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